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Lane Swimming

We have reopened in line with Government guidance and under our “new normal” operating procedures

To adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines and Swim England's guidance we have made some changes to how we are operating our pools.

We will be operating lane swimming sessions in the 25 meter pool. In order to adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines and Swim England's guidance you must follow these steps:

Swimming procedure

  • You must pre book your swimming session onlineIf you don't pre book you will not be allowed in the pool
  • Come ready to swim
  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your booking time
  • Enter the centre by the main ramp, once you have checked in at reception please make your way to poolside following the one way system
  • Lockers are now available to use in the family village changing rooms and require a £1 coin to operate, which is refunded.
  • Shower and changing facilities are available to use after your session

Lane Swimming

  • All lane swimming sessions are 45 minutes long and have to be booked online
  • Sessions can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance
  • We have created 4 double lanes:
    • Lane 1 - Slow lane Head up breastroke, long and regular recovery between lengths. 50-60 seconds per length
    • Lane 2 - Medium slow lane A mixture of freestyle and breastroke, short but regular recovery between lengths. 40-50 seconds per length
    • Lane 3 - Medium fast lane Casual freestyle, minimal recovery between lengths. 30-40 seconds per length
    • Lane 4 - Fast lane Competetive freestyle, minimal to no recovery between lengths. 20-30 seconds per length

To adhere to our new swim school timetable some lanes may not be in use at certain times. Please check our timetable below to find out how many lanes will available during each season:

Lane Swimming Timetable

Our new Lane Swimming timetable started on Tuesday 1st September to coincide with swim school restarting.

Sessions will:

  • Start on the hour (excluding the early morning 06:10 slot)
  • Last 45 minutes
  • Have differing amounts of lanes available

Remember to book online