Ice Rink Closure June 2024


Guildford Spectrum Ice Improvements June 2024

The ice rink at Guildford Spectrum, managed by Freedom Leisure, will be closing for 3 weeks over the summer for essential maintenance and refurbishment. The closure period will commence on Monday, 10th June and we will reopen on Monday, 1st July. While the ice rink is unavailable, Freedom Leisure will be undertaking a series of improvements designed to enhance the experience for all future visitors.

Freedom Leisure is committed to improving lives through leisure and is dedicated to providing the local communities with high-quality leisure facilities. The upcoming closure signifies our ongoing investment in Guildford Spectrum and our commitment to ensuring it remains a vibrant hub for sport and leisure.

The ice rink will be closed during the works, which happens every two years at our centre. The maintenance work will begin with the ice refrigeration unit being turned off, just as you would to defrost your freezer at home! Staff will then “break up” the ice on the 1800m2 ice pad using a combination of the two Ice Resurfacers (Zamboni) and brute force! The ice will then be taken away exposing the solid concrete ice pad.
The ice team will then have the job of repainting the pad. The pad itself will be painted white, followed by the detailed job of painting the lines for Ice Hockey, sponsor logos and other graphics you see on the ice, this will provide a fresh and visually appealing surface for the upcoming seasons.

Additionally, brand new arena lighting will be installed to improve the visitor experience. This upgrade will benefit all rink users, by creating a fun and more enjoyable environment.

The closure period will also be used to complete essential refurbishment works. New rink boards and kick boards will be installed. Furthermore, in 2024 the ice rink toilets and changing facilities will also undergo a full refurbishment. 

Melanie Main, Guildford Spectrum General Manager, "We're all excited about the upcoming improvements to the ice rink. This investment by Freedom Leisure underlines our commitment to Guildford Spectrum and the improvements will benefit everyone who uses the ice rink."

These improvements demonstrate Freedom Leisure's commitment to providing a first-class ice rink experience for the Guildford community. With enhanced lighting, and upgraded facilities, the Guildford Spectrum is set to become an even more attractive destination for ice skating and hockey enthusiasts for years to come.

We thank you for your cooperation during these essential works, and look forward to welcoming our skaters back to the ice on Monday 1st July.