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Our Swim School is Back!

We have been working hard behind the scenes on our Learn to Swim programme to create a safe learning environment for both customers and staff. Following Swim England and the governemnet's guidelines we have made a few changes to how our swim school will operate.

The new procedure: 

  • Arrive at Guildford Spectrum beach ready wearing loose fitting clothes over the top of your swimwear.
  • Aim to be here 10 minutes before the start of your lesson. 
  • Enter the building via the main ramp.
  • Make your way to level 2 via the bowling alley staircase, which is located immediately on your right as you enter the building. 
  • Join the drop off queue outside of the pool area (left hand side of the corridor).
  • Parents can get their child swim ready in the queue. They must go onto poolside ready to swim.
  • When directed, make your way onto poolside via the diving pool entrance.
  • You will be directed to a designated drop off and pick up zone which correlates to your child’s stage e.g. zone 3a for stage 3a.
  • No bags or items of clothing can be left on poolside, the parent or guardian must be responsible for their belongings.
  • Once the child has been dropped off, the parent or guardian must make their way off poolside via pool control and up the closest set of stairs.
  • The parent or guardian can watch the lesson from the viewing gallery where a mask must be worn.
  • At the end of the lesson the parent must make their way back down to level 2 and join the pick up queue (right hand side of the corridor).
  • When directed, make your way onto poolside via the diving pool entrance.
  • Collect your child from their designated pick up zone.
  • Make your way to the changing rooms via pool control, following the one way system.
  • Changing rooms are available; we recommend quickly changing into a onesie and leaving as quickly as possible in an effort to help avoiding causing congestion in the changing rooms.
  • Make your way out of the changing rooms by following the one way system

Other information:

  • Come beach ready.
  • Only one parent or guardian is allowed in the drop off queue, viewing area and changing rooms with their child.
  • Mask must be worn in all viewing areas and changing rooms.
  • There will be an assistant in the water in ducklings and stage 1. They are only there for safety and will be wearing face shields. 
  • Please bring one of your own water safe toys for all lessons up until stage 3a if you can do so.  

We will have plenty of staff around to guide you around the building to help make sure you know exactly where to go.

Thank you for all the positive feedback we have been receiving from our customers indicating they want to return to our Swim School. This has been really encouraging and we thank you for your support.