Spectrum Bowl achieve Gold Standard!

We are delighted to announce that following a recent visit from the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA), Spectrum Bowl has been accredited as a GOLD standard centre. 

Aside from leisure bowling, Spectrum Bowl has an extensive league and tournament programme for bowlers who enjoy a high standard of competition or who want to improve their game.

The inspection ensures and recognises all-round high standards at tenpin bowling facilities, including correctly levelled bowling lanes and acceptable pins.

In addition, having our lanes certified and our leagues sanctioned provides the following benefits: 

- When a league bowler scores a 300, the score is officially recognised by the BTBA 

- As a GOLD Accredited centre we are able to hold International Bowling Tournaments amongst other annual events

Tal Rosen, Spectrum Bowl Manager, says: “The team works tirelessly behind the scenes at Spectrum Bowl and we are thrilled to have not only passed this tough benchmark, but to have secured a GOLD standard. This level of accreditation by the British Tenpin Bowling Association puts us up there with some of the best facilities in the UK.

“As operators of this facility on behalf of Guildford Borough Council, Freedom Leisure will continue to manage a hugely successful ten pin bowling facility that has grown in success year on year.We look forward to continue welcoming existing and new customers at Spectrum Bowl!”


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