Ice Skating Memberships

We offer 2 membership options for regular skaters that are training and having private lessons.

Training Ice

Gives ice dancers and figure skaters the ability to use the ice in a less busy session. 

Registration and first years subscription £58.00
Annual renewal subscription £37.90
£7.50 per session 

Training Ice Sessions:

Please view the Training Ice timetables for the dates as follows:

Training Ice Diary from 2nd November

Training Ice Diary from 21st December

Training Ice Diary from 28th December

Skate Direct

Skate Direct has been designed as an easy monthly payment scheme for our regular training ice members. 

Membership Includes:

Unlimited public skating daytime and evening sessions
Unlimited 2 Xtreme and Ice Xtreme sessions (does not include theme night events) 
Entry to Training Ice sessions (as above)
15% discount on hot drinks

Terms and conditions apply. Training Ice Registration fee of £58.00 is payable when signing up.  A minimum of one months membership payment is required upon application.  Monthly payments are collected by direct debit.