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Ice Skating FAQs

Do you do skate grinding?

  • Hockey Skates can be sharpened at anytime, subject to staff availability
  • Figure Skates can be left at any time and they will be sharpened within 48 hours
  • For more information about skate grinding please speak to a member of the Ice Team at Skate Hire
  • Please pay for skate grinding at Main Reception, £7.80 per pair   

What is the Ice Locker?

The Ice Locker is situated on Level 1 in the ice rink and caters for all your skating needs

Telephone:  01483 569185

Further Details can be found at

Are wheelchairs allowed on the Ice?

Spectrum Ice offers the opportunity for people with special needs and/or disabilities to access the ice rink via their wheelchairs.  On the public skating sessions, accompanying carers skate for free and an adult entry ticket is charged, for those of concessionary status a reduced rate is available during off peak times. 

Are ice skates available to hire?

Yes our ice skates available from Skate Hire range from a child size 5 to an adult size 14. 

Do you have helmets we can hire?

Yes we have free helmets available for children and adults. We recommend that children wear a helmet whilst on the ice. Adults can also wear helmets but they are available on a first come, first served basis. We don't have enough for every skater. Therefore if you have a cycle helmet with a chin strap bring that with you.

Do you have skating aids available to hire?

Yes we have "Penguins and Snowmen" are available to hire only during daytime Skate for All sessions.

Penguins and Snowmen can be rented for 30 minutes each during the session on a first-come, first-served basis for only.

You can now reserve a penguin online for the whole 90 minute session. We operate them on a first-come, first-served basis

Please be advised Penguins are designed for children 1.2m and under and Snowmen are for childern over 1.2m and over. We have a limited number of Penguins and Snowmen available for hire. At peak times the penguins/snowmen are very popular with our younger visitors.