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Gym FAQs

Can I still book in with an instructor to review my gym programme?

No. Unfortunately while social distancing measures are in place, 1-1 fitness appointment will not be possible. However the Fitness team will be on hand during each gym session to answer any questions and give fitness advice.

Is Personal Training still available?

Yes, but not just in the gym! Personal Trainers are using other areas of the building, such as the Athletics Track and Fitness Studios to deliver fun, effective and socially distanced personal training sessions.

Can I just 'turn up' for a gym session like I used to?

No. For our members safety and wellbeing, we have greatly reduced the number of people we can have in the gym at any one time. To ensure no one is disappointed, we are running pre-booked 1 hour gym sessions, which can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. This will ensure the safest, most enjoyable exercise experience possible.

Are the changing rooms open?

Yes, our changing rooms and showers are open. However, we still advise arriving ready to workout. You must leave the gym as soon as your session is over, you won't be given extra time to use the changing facilities. 

Can I still borrow equipment: boxing gloves, bands etc?

No. To limit the sharing of equipment, we are encouraging customers to bring their own smaller 'accessory' items, which in the past Spectrum Gym has leant out: such as therabands, skipping ropes and weight belts.

Are Fast Classes currently taking place?

Unfortunately not to begin with. Due to the 'small group' nature of our popular Fast Classes, as well as the space in which they take place, it wouldn't be possible to social distance during classes. We will definitely start up our Fast Class Timetable again as soon as guidelines allow.

When is the gym busy?