Personal Training

By determining your needs and wants along with assessing your physiology we can design an effective, safe and enjoyable exercise programme to direct you to achieveing your goals.

A personal trainer will give you one-to-one coaching on correct exercise techniques thus reducing the risk of injury along with a friendly face to motivate you through those hard times. With the personal fitness trainers increased knowledge of exercise allows for a varied programme that is enjoyable, fun and keeps you interested. 

From the first session, where you outline your goals, you'll soon feel the difference of training with a personal fitness trainer. Our highly trained and excellent staff are here to help you achieve your aspirations. All our personal trainers are REPs qualified.

For more information or to book a free 30 minute personal training consultation, call us on 01483 443355 or fill in the enquiry form below.

Personal Trainers
Find out more about our Personal Training team...

Luke McKernan

Specialist Areas: Weight Management, Meal Prep/Nutrition, Sport Specific, Strength and Conditioning

"Years of experience gained in the health and fitness industry has allowed me to give the most to my craft. The accomplishments I’ve achieved over this time have enabled me to help and guide, providing a winning attitude to mental and physical fitness. I am able to give up to date, fun and effective workouts. Find me in the gym to talk more about your personal training."

Connor Goodsall

Specialist Areas: Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle Mass, Improving Nutrition, Increasing Strength

"Through many years of my own training and working within the fitness industry I have gained valuable knowledge and experience to help you on your fitness journey. I want to give you the knowledge and training to be able to reach your goals, whether that is to lose weight and keep it off or gain lean muscle mass through improved nutrition and a structured training plan. The aim of every session I plan is to make it as enjoyable as possible whilst making you work hard!". 

Ben Paterson

Specialist Areas: Strength and Conditioning, Muscular Development, Weight Loss, Nutritional Advice

"My passion for the fitness industry stems from my own desire to develop into the best version of myself possible and to have fun while doing it! My interests in the fitness industry have varied throughout the years, from sports specific training and body building to power lifting and strongman; this variety means that I have knowledge on a myriad of topics; so whatever your goal is, I can help you achieve it in a manner that fits your schedule and preference."

Robert Treherne

Specialist Areas: Weight Loss, Muscle Building

"If you are happy with your progress you have made in the gym thus far and feel content with your training read no further. If however you are in a similar situation to what I was in, you may want to consider booking an introductory session with me. 4 months ago, I trained at minimum 3 times a week inclusive of attending group classes. I felt my fitness improve. I felt like I worked hard every time. I had been training like this for the past 3 years. Despite all the time I spent in the gym, studios and track. I was seeing little to no changes in my physique. I was classified as obese and weighed 109 kgs (17.16 stone) and had a body fat percentage of 34%. I made radical and sustainable changes to my training with a structured series of programmes tailored for my goals, body type and lifestyle. My nutrition received the same over hall and from week 2 I began seeing noticeable changes".

Sheri Miles

Specialist Areas: Strength Training, Postural Coaching, Circuit Programming

Since 2015, I have competed as an elite level Powerlifter. I compete in both Raw and Equipped Powerlifting and represented internationally on Team GB. My achievements include: u72kg British Deadlift Record holder, 4 x English Champion and 2019 u72kg Commonwealth Champion. “Fitness should be accessible to all, fun and varied. I work with all age ranges and genders. My passion is strength sports and dispelling myths about women and weight training. I coach people to embrace fitness as a lifelong necessity, which brings both mental and physical benefits”.

Helen Watson

Specialist Areas: Flexibility, Weight Management, Exercise Programming

"Health and fitness has always been a passion of mine. After having my two children I decided to refresh my qualifications and get back into the career of my choice. Our lives can be hectic and fitting in training is not always easy, consistency is key! I have completed various half/full marathons (most recently the Surrey Half), including the New York and London Marathons. Raising money for charity along the way."

Parna Mukherjee

Specialist Areas: Circuit Training, Weight Management, Improving Nutrition, Resistance Training

"I am in my early 40’s and a mum of a teenager. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and have a vast experience of the IT industry behind me. I stepped into the world of the health and fitness industry several years ago to pursue my passion for fitness. I have been inspired by my own transformation and the challenges of balancing work, life, family, healthy eating and exercising. I love to help people from various backgrounds, abilities and age groups to reach their health and fitness goals through a variety of exercises, structured training programs and nutritional advice."

For more information or to book a free 30 minute personal training consultation, call us on 01483 443355 or fill in the enquiry form below.