Indoor Cycle Centre

Guildford Spectrum is proud to be at the forefront in the latest development in indoor cycling with our unique facility for Guildford and the surrounding area

Our Indoor Cycling Centre (Spectrum Ride) has had an upgrade! With new state of the art IC7 bikes, more advanced software and even more classes, we now have something for everyone from complete beginners through to advanced cyclists.

Spectrum Ride Studio Guide

  • An ICG® indoor cycling centre showcasing the best coaching 
  • Life Fitness IC7® Indoor cycles with the most accurate power meter technology and colour consoles 
  • ICG VX Media system powering Live and Virtual Ride Concepts for the most immersive rides 
  • HD 3.5m projection screen with HD quality for that cinematic feel and full colour lighting 
  • High end sound system and microphone system for the best communication to you 
  • Storage space for your convenience and in studio refrigerated water supply for keeping hydrated


Ride Inductions

Our Ride Inductions set you up to launch into our exciting class concepts. We setup your bike and familiarise you with its features. Your Ride Instructor will guide you to find your unique level of fitness and give you the essentials you need for our live and virtual classes.


Ride Rhythm

Riding in its purest form. If you love great music and riding to its rhythm and beats then this is the class for you. Just smiles for miles in this fun class.

Ride Colour 

Ride Colour classes place your uniqueness at the heart of this group ride where we all ride as equals. Your individual intensity is displayed by a simple 5 colour console. Your Ride instructor guides your intensity based on the colour training zones taking the guess work out of your ride. Nobody rides alone or is left behind. Powered by ICG Coach by Color® suitable for all levels of fitness. 


Ride Vista 

Ride Vista takes your indoor ride experience to the outdoors in this immersive class featuring real world video on roads; trails; cities or wilderness displayed on our video screen. Your Ride Vista instructor will take you to destinations like Argentina, Canadian Rockies, French Alps, and Hawaii. Combining great music and a massive library of locations, your Ride Vista journey will inspire you to keep coming back for more. Ride Vista is powered by ICG MyrideVX® and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Ride Podium

Get hyped in this unique adrenaline fuelled Ride experience. You'll be taking part in a High Intensity Interval (HIIT) Ride only 30mins long with fun individual group and team challenges. Your Ride Podium instructor will invoke your competitive instincts and team spirit to move your fitness to new highs. This Ride is powered by ICG Connect® technology. 


Ride Enduro Fitness

Looking to improve your cycling muscular or cardio endurance? Ride Enduro is a longer 60 minute session focusing on strength and endurance to help power you for longer days in the saddle. Working to a structured training plan that will improve your threshold, increase your VO2 max and build stronger legs and lungs.

Ride For Fitness

Cycling is a great way to get fit. Its low impact on the joints and skeleton, yet improves muscular strength and endurance. It supports cardiorespiratory function and general health. An accessible 60 minute class for beginners to intermediates. Tailored to your own individual needs, this class will take you from couch to bike in a relaxed and friendly environment. Improving your fitness levels and giving you the confidence to go on to more advanced classes.


Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Sessions

“If you can measure it you can improve it!” We will take you through a predefined workout featuring a test to establish your unique Functional Threshold Power. Your FTP helps you find and ride to intensity levels that are personal to you. The 5 minute test is incorporated into some Ride Colour and Ride Podium classes every 3 months by your Ride instructor team.

Spectrum Ride essential information
  • Please aim to arrive for your class 10 minutes early
  • Speak to your instructor if you have been injured or have been unwell recently
  • Please bring a sweat towel and a water bottle
  • Our IC7 bikes accept 2 bolt Shimano SPD cleats 

Enjoy the ride and tell your friends all about us  


Morning Session Start Finish
Total Body Workout 09:30 10:25
PowerHouse Agility 09:45 10:30
Zumba 10:45 11:40
Afternoon Session Start Finish
Menopause Wellbeing 12:30 13:15
Menopause Release 13:30 14:15
Teatime Session Start Finish
PowerHouse U18's 16:00 17:00
Evening Session Start Finish
Ride Rhythm 18:00 18:45
Ladies Who Lift 18:00 18:45
Body Combat 18:15 19:00
Ride Colour 19:00 19:55
Zumba 19:00 19:55
Morning Session Start Finish
Aquafit 07:45 08:40
Body Balance 09:30 10:15
Ride Rhythm 09:30 10:15
PowerHouse Challenger 09:45 10:30
Back to Fitness 10:30 11:25
PowerHouse Core 10:45 11:30
Yoga Flow 11:30 12:15
Afternoon Session Start Finish
PowerHouse Agility 12:30 13:15
Ride Colour 12:30 13:15
Yoga 12:30 13:15
Yang/Yin Release 13:30 14:00
Teatime Session Start Finish
PowerHouse U18's 16:00 17:00
Ride Podium 17:45 18:15
Evening Session Start Finish
Boxing Circuits 18:00 18:45
Ride Colour 18:30 19:30
PowerHouse Strength 19:00 19:45
Body Pump 19:00 19:55
Morning Session Start Finish
Aquafit 07:45 08:45
Body Pump 09:10 09:55
Ride Colour 09:30 10:15
Ride Rhythm 10:30 11:15
Pilates 10:30 11:15
Zumba 11:15 12:10
Afternoon Session Start Finish
Ladies Who Lift 12:00 12:55
Stretch and Mobility 12:30 13:15
Pilates 13:30 14:15
Menopause Wellbeing 14:00 14:45
Teatime Session Start Finish
PowerHouse U18's 16:00 17:00
Ride Rhythm 17:30 18:15
Evening Session Start Finish
Body Pump 18:15 19:00
Pilates 18:30 19:25
Ride Endurance 18:30 19:30
Body Combat 19:05 20:00
Morning Session Start Finish
Aquafit 07:45 08:45
Pilates, yoga and movement 09:30 10:15
Total Body Workout 09:30 10:25
PowerHouse Strength 09:45 10:30
Yoga Flow 10:30 11:15
Meditation 11:30 12:00
Afternoon Session Start Finish
Menopause Yoga 12:30 13:15
PowerHouse Challenger 12:30 13:15
Ride Rhythm 12:30 13:15
Pilates 13:30 14:15
Teatime Session Start Finish
PowerHouse U18's 16:00 17:00
Ride Podium 17:45 18:15
Body Pump Express 17:45 18:30
Evening Session Start Finish
Body Balance 18:00 18:55
Ride Colour 18:30 19:15
Morning Session Start Finish
Yoga 08:00 08:55
Freedom Bootcamp 08:00 09:00
Ride Endurance 08:30 09:30
Body Pump 09:00 09:55
Ride Podium 09:45 10:15
Zumba 10:15 11:10
Ride Colour 10:30 11:15
Morning Session Start Finish
Yoga 09:00 09:55
Body Pump 09:45 10:40
Barre Concept 10:00 10:45
Ride Rhythm 10:00 10:45
PowerHouse Challenger 10:00 11:00
Body Balance 10:45 11:40
Pilates 11:00 11:45
Morning Session Start Finish
Aquafit 07:45 08:45
Ride Rhythm 09:30 10:15
Pilates 09:30 10:15
Body Pump 09:30 10:25
Ride Colour 10:30 11:15
Vinyasa Yoga 10:30 11:15
Back to Basics 10:35 11:20
Meditation 11:30 12:00
Fit Steps 11:30 12:25
Afternoon Session Start Finish
Pilates, yoga and movement 12:15 13:00
PowerHouse Challenger 12:30 13:15
Barre Fitness 13:15 14:00
Teatime Session Start Finish
PowerHouse U18's 16:00 17:00
Evening Session Start Finish
Ride Colour 18:00 18:45
Yoga 18:00 18:55
HIIT 18:00 18:55
PowerHouse Challenger 19:00 19:45
Body Pump 19:10 20:05