Active Card

The leisure reward scheme offering free sessions and great offers for everyone!

How does it work?

Every time you present your Active Card when paying for certain activities at Guildford Spectrum, Guildford Lido and Ash Manor Sports Centre, we will credit your card with "metre points" for you to collect.

What can I do with these "metre points"?

Once you have collected your "metre points" you can redeem them against certain activities. See what you can redeem your points against by visiting our list of redemptions.

What else do I get?

Exclusive access to the Active Card website which allows cardholders to view the amount of "metre points" they have on their card and a our list of offers and promotions at Guildford Spectrum, Guildford Lido and Ash Manor Sports Centre sites and other businesses and organisations in and around Guildford who are pleased to offer all our cardholders some great deals!

Discounts are available to you at Spectrum, Lido and Ash Manor on certain facilities at certain times of year. Please speak to Customer Services for the list of offers.

Concessionary Leisure Reward Card

The concessionary (green) card works in the same way as the regular Active Card but has further offers and rewards for those individuals claiming income support, senior citizens, unemployed (es40), students and those on incapacity benefit along with staff who work for the NHS, Police, Fire & Forces. Verification of eligibility will be required on entry.

To sign up for a concessionary card please bring proof of concessionary status to Customer Services. For additional rewards and offers please check out the Active Card Website.

Does it cost anything to join?

If you are a resident of Guildford Borough your card is FREE. If you don't live in Guildford Borough you can still join for £5.00 or £1.50 for concessionary cards.

How do I check my metre points?

Check the amount of "metre points" using the Active Card website at anytime. Awards will take 24-hours to register on the site. Alternatively, every time you use your Active Card you will be given a receipt which will tell you the number of "metre points" you have. Alternatively you can request an active statement. Your statement will be emailed to you.

Active Card Application Form

Please ensure that you complete your details fully including your email address. Your Active Card will be sent to you.