September is is the best month to set fitness goals


There's a reason why September is dubbed the new January. Goal-setting this time of year harnesses the power of the “fresh start effect”.

Do you remember the excitement as a child of going back to school and starting the new school year with positive intentions?

That feeling isn’t just for kids. Research shows that the ‘back to school feeling’ extends to adults too. Time-based landmarks (aka temporal landmarks) such as birthdays, new year or the new academic year all bring a sense of reflection, renewed focus, and motivation to set goals for positive behaviour change. From childhood the month of September is engrained within us as a new start because it was the start of a new school year.

Embrace that innate back to school feeling that is still within you and harness it, don't wait until January, join now and set yourself some September fitness goals that keep you inspired, energised and motivated throughout the autumn months long into the new year. 

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