Save up to £100 On Personal Training!


Struggling for motivation, stuck in a rut, or just need that extra help to get started? Our Personal Training team are here to help! 

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Working together with your Excel personal trainer will transform your time in the gym. Your trainer will spend time looking closely at your individual circumstances to tailor a workout to your specific requirements. 

With the on-going support and motivation, your workouts will not only be designed to bring results in the quickest time but will also be fun and wide-ranging to keep you wanting to come back for more.

If you are struggling for motivation, have got stuck in a rut, or just need that extra help to get started then contact our Excel Personal Training team today. Now is the time to achieve those goals and get into great shape in time for the Summer!


6 sessions for £175 - save £50
12 sessions for £350 - save £100

Whether you are a member or not, Spectrum Gym welcomes you to join our Personal Training Plan and make an investment in your health and fitness now!

Offer available 21st May - 30th June 2018.

For more information or to find out more about our Personal Trainers click here, or visit Spectrum Gym reception.

*Terms and conditions apply - please enquire at Spectrum Gym. Offer ends 30.06.18