Group Exercise - Your VIBE determines your TRIBE

your vibe determines your tribe!

  • Whether you are a know all the moves-er, a back of the class-er or a same class same time next week-er – we salute you!
  • To the “I have my favourite teacher” chanters, the grunter and groaners, and the “I never miss a class” preachers – we salute you!
  • Whether it’s Group Cycle, Kettlercise, Yoga, or Meta Fit – we salute you!

Whatever your tribe, we have classes for you!


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Embrace the benefits of group fitness by meeting new people and break the monotony of your workout with constantly refreshed and challenging workouts.

Guildford Spectrum Group Exercise classes meet the diverse fitness needs of people at all levels. Choose from International Les MillsTM classes, or participate in workouts designed by our instructors catering to varying needs of our customers.

Group exercise classes are more than the loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement that are seen and heard in a fitness studio. Classes offer social opportunities as well as physical benefits and psychological support. - Fitness Manager, Guildford Spectrum

new classes!

Why not try one of our exciting new additions to our group exercise programme...

  • Metafit - Tuesdays at 9.15am and Wednesdays at 6.00pm
    Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit(™) combines the latest HIIT training techniques with traditional 'Old school' bodyweight exercises to set the metabolism on fire! 
  • Animal Flow - Tuesdays at 6.00pm
    Dynamic movement and flow class using body weight only. Incorporating pilates principals combined with movement based on animals natural control and performance.
  • DDMIX - Wednesdays at 8.00pm
    Created by Darcey Bussell & Nathan Clarke, DDMIX is a full body aerobic workout based on a range of different dance styles with easy to follow steps - no dance experience required! 

You should never be bored with the variety of exercise choices at Guildford Spectrum. From LBT and Body Pump to Boot Camp and Group Cycling, your fitness instructor will challenge and improve your body.

So what are you waiting for? try something new and contact us to find out more about any of our classes and find your tribe!

Please be aware that from time to time we may have programme changes to the above timetable - please click here to view the changes prior to arriving to your class, especially if you have not booked in advance.