Guildford Borough Council statement; replacement of Spectrum

Looking into a possible new sport and entertainment venue

We are starting a feasibility process for a brand new sports and entertainment venue in the future. If viable, this new facility would eventually replace Guildford Spectrum. 

Lead Councillor for Rural Economy, Countryside, Parks and Leisure, Cllr Richard Billington explains: “We are looking into the possibility of replacing Guildford Spectrum with a brand new sports and entertainment venue in the future. This is a great opportunity to provide up to date facilities harnessing the latest modern technology.

“It is important to emphasise, however, that it is very early days. With over 40 million visits since it opened, replacing such an iconic and successful destination as Guildford Spectrum would take some time. If the final decision is made to develop a new and exciting venue, it could take a number of years to plan, secure funding and build, and Guildford Spectrum would remain open until it was finished”.

The first stage is to start looking into the feasibility of a new venue. Essential to any feasibility study will be widespread consultation to get people’s views on developing a new sports and entertainment venue.

“Guildford Spectrum is a regional tourist destination and we want to build on the success of this great leisure complex. We have looked at repair and refurbishment of the existing facility and this does not represent the best value for taxpayers’ money. As part of the feasibility process we will be asking local residents, sports organisations, community groups and businesses for their feedback, so look out for more information over the coming months,” adds Cllr Billington.

If Guildford Spectrum is to be replaced, it would remain open and continue to offer a wide range of sport and leisure opportunities throughout the long process. We are currently investing in ongoing repairs to ensure residents and visitors can continue to enjoy all this landmark facility has to offer.