Halloween Zombie Paint Party on Ice

Friday 28th October 

6.30pm - 8.00pm (doors open at 6pm)
9.00pm - 11.00pm (doors open at 8.30pm)

Tickets bought in advance* £6.00 + skate hire
Tickets bought on the door £9.00 + skate hire

Advance tickets are available by clicking here to visit out online box office or from reception in person or by calling  01483 443322 (select option 0)

Our resident DJ will be playing all the latest tunes, plus your spooky requests!  There will be competitions for the best fancy dress and of course lots of paint!!!!!

*Tickets come off sale 2 hours before the event
Skate Hire; £2.10 per person



UV Paint Party Q & A - Things you may need to know

batWill the paint stain my clothes?

No, the water based paint we use won’t stain your clothes, but remember you are going to a paint party, so don’t wear your best clothes! Although it doesn't stain clothes, it may stain some fabrics so basically don’t take any chances. Wearing cheap white or fluorescent clothing is a good idea and it will look great under the UV lights.

I have work the next day, will it wash off of my skin easily?

Yes, all you need to do is wash/shower and any paint will come off

Can I stay away from the paint if I want to?

Yes, as with our Foam Parties, we will set the paint guns up at one end of the ice rink so that those who don’t want to get covered in paint can skate and enjoy their night. 

What sort of paint do you use?

We use a water based paint, that is the same as face paints.

My parents are picking me up and are worried about the mess in their car?

The paint will dry, but there is no harm in bringing a towel or getting whoever picks you up to have a towel in their car, even if this is for their own piece of mind. We will also have a cleaning station set up where you can clean your hands, face and skates with towels and wipes. 




Re-capping our key tips for our UV Paint Party 

  • Keep your best clothes at home and wear white or fluorescent clothing to look the best under the lights
  • Put your important belongings (i.e. phone) in a locker 
  • Tie your hair back
  • Get the person picking you up to bring a towel for the car to avoid having to get up the next day and clean it for them!

UV paint is non-toxic and non-staining water based paint, however, it can still stain some fabrics so it’s best not to take any chances. So basically don’t wear your new £150 jumper.... it’s not that type of night!