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Treat yourself or a friend this festive season with a fantastic offer on Personal Training. 
Offer available as a Gift Voucher - the perfect gift for Christmas!

For only £100 you can enjoy four 1:1 sessions with the personal trainer of your choice* to assess your physiology and design a safe and enjoyable exercise programme to ensure you achieve your goals ready for the new you in the new year!

As an added bonus for £10 more you can train in the gym, swim in the pools and relax in the spa for the whole of November and December! That is everything for only £110.

From the first session, where you outline your goals, you will soon feel the difference of training with a personal trainer. Our highly trained and professional staff are here to help you achieve your aspirations. All our personal trainers are REPs qualified.

To claim this great offer and start your fitness journey with a free 30 minute personal training consultation, please complete the enquiry form below or call us on 01483 443355. 

Offer not available with Freelance Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

Paige Hodge

I began my journey in the fitness industry in 2011.  After qualifying as a Zumba and Spinning instructor, and discovering how much I enjoyed delivering classes and seeing the progress and enjoyment of the attendees to my classes, I decided to further my studies so that I could deliver even more thorough advice and instruction to customers.  I base my workouts on enjoyment, shaking things up so that it doesn’t get boring but keeping the enthusiasm and attainability within the session, so you can see and feel the difference in your body.  Using body weight, High Intensity Interval Training, and resistance work, I will help you transform yourself!!



Emily Dodd

Specialist Areas - Flexibility, Nutrition, Weight loss and Fat Reduction, High Intensity Training, Weight Training for Strength and Toning

"I am a passionate, friendly, bubbly and driven individual, I will help make your fitness dreams a reality. I understand how it feels to lack confidence in your appearance and fitness levels. I have been on my own journey to become as healthy and as fit as I am today, so I am able to draw upon my own experiences. With a combination of nutrition and exercise I will make a programme that works for you and gets you the results you want."




 Harry Grove

harry pt

Specialist areas - Body Fat reduction, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Postural Correction, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Power Lifting
Freelance Personal Trainer

"With over 10 years experience, I know how to help you achieve your goals. As a former competitive body builder I know what it takes to get rid of your love handles. I can help you with nutrition, whether that is for losing body fat or performing well at a sport."




 Katie Girdler 


Specialist areas - Resistance Training, Toning, Cardio and Endurance Fitness Training, Group Training, Strength Training.
Freelance Personal Trainer

I use my own experience in fitness and exercise to help others achieve their goals.
Intimidated by weight training? I understand what it feels like to lack confidence using free weights. I can work with you in this area to tone and shape your body. Weight Training will leave you feeling stronger, more confident, fit and healthy, I can show you how!




  Connor Goodsall   

Specialist Areas - Strength and conditioning, Endurance based training, Weight management, Powerlifting, Long distance running, Nutritional advice

"It has always been my ambition to help others achieve their fitness goals, whether that be to lose weight, improve strength or run a marathon. Having competed nationally in cross country, my current focus is powerlifting.  With experience in strength, conditioning and endurance training, I can appreciate the importance of a varied training program to get the best results for what you are looking to achieve through hard work and enjoyment". 



 Imogen Adshead

Specialist Areas - Sport Performance Training, Rowing Specific Training, Nutritional Advisor, Weight Management, Speed and Endurance

"With a background in competitive sport in rowing, hockey and sailing gained whilst completing a Msci in Geology, I have the experience of different training types and can enable you to reach your goals.  Whether you’re looking for weight management and toning or to enhance your sports performance, I can tailor a varied and exciting training plan for your specific aims". 


  Jodie Chennell 

Specialist Areas - Nutrition for Health and Weight Management, Flexibility and Stretching, Fat Loss, Endurance Based Exercise 

"Through my extensive dance training I gained a passion for the health and fitness industry and wanted to help others to achieve their goals.  Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, or improve your general fitness levels, I can help you through the process, giving you the individual guidance and advice that you need.  Being a regular gym user myself I understand the struggles and barriers that can appear and am here to offer you the motivation and encouragement you need to achieve your goals".




 Charlotte Dunleavy

Specialist Areas - Core training, Circuits, Interval Training, Kettlebells

Strength and conditioning, Endurance based training, Weight management, Powerlifting, Long distance running, Nutritional advice

"I can prescribe a workout unique to you, the benefits of which will be: Improved core strength, Restoring muscular balance, Postural improvement, Stress management, Weight loss.  We will use resistance training methods involving whole body workouts/PHA circuits – back-to-back exercises which will improve your strength, fitness and boost your metabolism.   I will ensure you get the most from your workout". 




 Magda Miska

Specialist areas - Nutritional Advice, Bodyfat Reduction, Muscle Toning, Weight Training for bodybuilding competitions

"Being passionate about fitness and a bikini fitness competitor who is always looking for a challenge, I can show you how to achieve your fitness goals and empower you throughout your journey, showing you the right techniques, keeping you motivated and pushing you to get out of your comfort zone.  Over the last few years of my fitness journey I have learned the effectiveness of weight training and the importance of building muscle, as well as different CV training methods and mobility work - all of which I will apply specifically to every client - and support you to achieve your goals whether it is to lose weight, gain strength, build muscle or to simply feel better and healthier".



 James Dean

Specialist areas - Body Fat Reduction, Lean Mass Development, Strength & Conditioning for team sports, Long Term Athletic Development

"Since stepping foot into the fitness industry over 5 years ago I have helped countless clients achieve a multitude of health and fitness goals and have developed a desire to continue to learn and be the best at what I do. This has led me to graduate with a first class honours degree in sports science and enrol on an MPhil research degree in strength and conditioning.  My passion lies within professional sport and the development of athletic performance. I am currently a strength and conditioning coach with Wasps Rugby academy and an exercise physiology lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University and thrive from passing on my knowledge to help others fulfil their health and fitness goals".



Katie Rusman

Specialist areas - Body fat reduction, Strength, stamina and endurance, Nutrition, Boxing coach, HIIT training, Confidence building.

"I know from personal experience the challenges you have to face to reach your goals and make the changes you want to see. I want and aim to help you be your best and reach the goals you desire. I am a very motivated, fun and bubbly person. I want to show you that anything is possible and train you with methods that are suited to your individual needs. My aim in life is to find the perfect balance mentally and physically when it comes to exercise. We can work together to devise a plan that is perfect for your goals!"



For more information or to book a free 30 minute personal training consultation, call us on 01483 443355 or fill in the enquiry form below.